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Aviation as a whole can be complex. The corporate side is no different. Making the wrong decision can cost millions in both time and money. The Barrieau Group's Aviation consulting division is here to mitigate those risks. We are committed to making sure our clients are making the right decision, every time. Whether you are new to private aviation and interested in learning more about the different options available (charter, fractional, whole aircraft ownership) or a large flight department thinking about making changes to the fleet, The Barrieau Group always has our client's best interest in mind. 

Types of projects The Barrieau Group consults on:

  • Aircraft Fair Market Value Assessment

  • First Time Buyer Analysis

  • Corporate Fleet Plan 

  • Flight Department Start-up

  • Flight Department Relocation

  • Flight Department / Management Company Audit

  • Fractional Aircraft Assistance

  • Aircraft Completion Monitoring

  • Staffing (see the Aviation Personnel Placement Section)

In addition to the above projects, The Barrieau Group will customize a retained consulting program to meet the clients needs. These programs can be used in all kinds of ways, from a single questions, to hangar lease negotiations. They are individually designed with our customers needs in mind. 

For more information on our consulting services, or to request a proposal for service, please contact us today.

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